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I’m Coach Manny, Certified Personal Trainer, TLS Certified Weight-loss & Lifestyle Coach, 360°Transformation Coach

Here, you will be assisted with all of your performance based, health, wellness, physical fitness, weight loss, and nutritional support needs through lifestyle coaching!




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Looking for some science backed Nutrition support products to jump start this phase of your Fitness/ Health and wellness journey? In need of proven support to help boost your energy and metabolism, or to control your appetite? Hit the TLS shop and find out what we are using to help our members supement their dietary efforts!

Vitamins & Nutrition Support Products

In need of a good isotonic vitamin/minerals without any unnecessary binders and fillers? Hit the Isotonic shop and find out what we are using to help our members supplement their dietary efforts!

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Clients – Before and After

I’ve come a long way. Sometimes, I don’t even realize my own strength. Still learning to get out of my own way, but I got this! Manny you helped me a lot with my progress. For that I thank you.

– Kim

Burn Unit has become a lifestyle change for me. I could not even raise up on my toes when I started. Look at me now! I will never stop working! I lost 120 lbs over 2 years. Manny’s philosophy that exercise and eating properly was preventative medicine and his sharing meal prep, encouragement and sincerity made the difference for me.

– Carole

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